Better Targets, Better Antibodies,
Better Outcomes

We build precision antibodies to treat cancer patients.

Aclys builds antibodies specifically designed for precision applications.  Precision oncology provides significant benefits including, higher efficacy, smaller trial size, lower trial cost, faster approval, and five-fold higher likelihood of FDA approval.  Aclys is bringing precision to antibodies.

What We Do

Target Selection

Aclys employs a combination of computational methods and rational design, informed by the tumor profiles of >30,000 cancer patients.

Antibody Discovery / Optimization

Aclys’s proprietary mammalian cell-based discovery and optimization platform yields antibodies of the highest quality on an accelerated timeline.

Preclinical Proof-of-Concept

Fully integrated high speed antibody expression and proof-of-concept assays, including our in vitro and in vivo evaluation.


Aclys collaborates with the world’s leading drug developers to maximize the impact of our pipeline.

Aclys Bio discovers and develops precision biologics for the treatment of cancer.

About Aclys Bio